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Dozens of multi-million dollar deals have already been made solely because of convergx®.

ConvergX® Global Congress

April 13-15, 2021 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The first and only globalcongress bringing together energy, military, Tech aerospace, security, energy and mining industries. For 2.5 productive days key decision-makers from industry leading organizations (private sector, military and government) get together to accelerate growth through innovation and to solve mutual problems.

ConvergX® UK Executive Roundtable 2019

This invitation-only roundtable will focused on a deep dive with executive peers into mutual issues facing the Energy, Military, Aerospace, Defence, Security and Mining industries in the Arctic such as community support, quality of life enhancement, transportation & logistics, security, and sovereignty.

ConvergX® UK

Stay tuned! ConvergX® UK will return soon. Keep up to date by signing up for our newsletters

ConvergX® Latin America 2021

Stay tuned! ConvergX® Latin America will launch September 2021 in Lima, Peru

ConvergX® at CES 2021

Exciting updates coming soon!

Want a ConvergX® in your Country or attached to you event?

We’d be happy to talk more about ConvergX ® to you.

Contact our founder directly at to discuss how ConvergX® would fit best with you and your organization.

ConvergX® properties available:

1.Full 2.5 day congress

2. Summit – smaller version of ConvergX® usually running between a ½ day and full day – usually attached to a larger event meant for VIPs

3. Roundtable – A strategic meeting for 40 individuals representing industries, government, and educational institutions meant to discuss a key topic resulting in actionable tasks and projects for the individuals involved

4. ConvergX® Corporate – Have the ConvergX® team organize and internail ConvergX® congress specific to your company to maximize opportunities and soluions inside your own organization.

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